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Training log: not gonna do it!

25 Jun

45 2×5
85 1×5
125 1×3
170 1×2
215 3×5

45 2×5
70 1×5
95 1×3
125 1×2
140 3×5

Power Clean

Dumbbell rows
50 1×5
55 1×5
60 1×5
65 1×5
70 1×5

Everything seems to be progressing well. I’ve moved the bar further down my back and am now below parallel in my squat. It’s taken a couple of weeks for my shoulders to stretch out and for my hands to get used to the new bar positioning.

I am dropping the power clean. It’s a bit too technical for me to feel comfortable without proper coaching. Not a big deal. The main reason for doing it is to focus on explosive power and there are many other ways to go about working on that.

Pimpin’ ain’t easy? Try power cleans!

20 Jun

Today’s training log is brought to you by Olympic Lifts. When you want to feel as clumsy as Lucille Ball with an inner-ear infection, try Olympic Lifts!

45 2×5
80 1×5
120 1×3
160 1×2
205 3×5

45 2×5
70 1×5
100 1×3
130 1×2
135 3×5

Power Clean

Dumbbell Rows
65 3×5

So today was my first attempt at Power Cleans. If you aren’t sure what they are, here’s a video.

So why did I end up not doing these? Since I had never tried them before, I decided to see if I could simply do the catch at the end. One try and I realized my humerus bone was not reaching parallel. Not wanting to harm myself, I decided to put off power cleans until I did a little more research on why the humerus needs to be parallel. Turns out, it doesn’t have to be parallel, it just ensures that the weight is resting on the deltoids and not being supported by the arms. So fine. I’ll give it another shot. But if it doesn’t work out, no biggie! I’m not looking to compete in Olympic lifting. It just seems like a good way to add some explosive training to a routine.