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Training Log: Squats and Deadlifts

31 Aug

I start out the day prepped so that there can’t be any excuses for not working out. Darth Vader t-shirt imploring me to “look busy” – check. Workout clothes that make my lady parts hold still – check. Protein shake spiked with instant coffee – check. Email box still overflowing from three weeks off – hello, 10pm workout.

But as I chip away at my work, that has been improving. I have just finished my third workout for the week so I’m right on time with things.

Last year at this time, I was still sporadically working out, not getting results, occasionally sleeping poorly and not aware of the foods I was eating that were harming me. (Evidently you need to look at more than just the ingredients and the calories.)

For my progress to date, I can only say that I’m pleased. When you deal with how you feel about working out first, you can more easily create sustainable, long-term results. I’d rather be 40 pounds lighter forever than 60 pounds lighter for one month. It makes better use of my time and my effort.

Now that I’ve been coached by a personal trainer how to do them right, I’ve been doing much better with my deadlifts. I don’t think this is so much because I was doing them wrong – I was to a degree, but not enough to matter at the level I’m lifting – but because I no longer feel like I have to be extra careful because I was uncertain about my form.

After my “wanna feel it” homecoming workout earlier this week, I did an upper body workout on Tuesday and now I’ve repeated my deadlift and squats sets. It feels good. I’m late mostly because my hamstrings were still sore from Sunday’s adventure.

Doing 5×8 sets, stacking 40/50/60 on a 35 pound barbell. I may even get that book Kris is always plugging next month. 5/3/1 sounds good on the second to last set of 5×8.

Holding steady at my current weight, but that’s planned. Because I totally planned to eat whatever the hell I wanted the last week of vacation, at a time when I was no longer within reach of a gym. It was intentional, I tell you. Intentional!

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Training Log: Squats

19 Jun

These are going to get a bit repetitive, I think. ;-)

Set 1 x 16

Set 2 x 22

Set 3 x 17

Set 4 x 17

Set 5 X Max (I did 25)

Thoughts: Feeling the burn. I use a posture as if I’m holding the bar to help me keep the correct form. It works as I try to keep my shoulders and back at the right angle.

Training Log: 200 Squats Diagnostic

12 Jun

As I said in my introductory post my logs are going to be all body weight for now.

First up, Squats.

This is the diagnostic test to determine what intensity my program will be for the next five weeks. I’m going to cycle through the Do so many-X programs until I get back around. It will take me a while.

So my official diagnostic number was 37.

This actually puts me into week three of the program, so maybe I’m not as bad off as I thought. :-)

If you’re interested in following along or doing the program yourself it’s all on the web:


There’s also more information about Steve Spiers who developed the program and other bodyweight training programs here:



Training log: press and squats

20 Mar

I need to be more consistent with my training logs. So I have decided, if I forget to log a day, I’ll double up the next. So here be!



Bench press: 5x10x75
Pull ups (machine): 5x10x140



Deadlift: 5x10x140
Leg lifts: 5×10